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Evidence Collection Products

Evidence Collection ProductsThe quality of probative items starts with proper evidence collection.
FSI's superior quality evidence collection bags and boxes are engineered to maximize EPS' preservation capabilities.

FSI's evidence bags are highly durable and allow moisture to readily evaporate through a breathable fiber while preventing small items of evidence from escaping. Self-adhesive strips allow you to quickly and easily seal the bags, and a labeling space is provided.

Boxes are constructed with a water-resistant, interior coating, and are designed with a white exterior and ample labeling space. Container vent holes align to allow for proper air circulation when smaller boxes are placed in larger ones. This-box-within-a-box design maximizes evidence storage space.

Shelving units within the evidence chambers provide storage for boxes and can be repositioned to accommodate your needs. Bags hang from shelves or can be put inside of the boxes.

FSI offers black ink, ultrafine permanent markers for coding evidence samples.

The integrated design of the shelving units and boxes makes the transfer of evidence safe and convenient. Evidence samples can be easily transferred from the mobile to the stationary unit without compromising the integrity of your evidence.

FSI's bags and boxes allow you to:

  • Simplify the evidence collection process.
  • Improve the quality of your evidence.
  • Transfer evidence samples easily and safely.
  • Maximize storage space using the box-within-a-box design.
  • Meet OSHA standards.