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How EPS Works

Performance and Design Features
Patented EPS Design

EPS is the only patented evidence preservation system that combines humidity and temperature control with HEPA-filtration for both input and output air. Starting at the crime scene, EPS' cool, dry, HEPA-filtered environment allows you to safely store and protect biological evidence against contamination and bacterial degradation, while protecting your personnel from blood-borne pathogens.

More often than not, there is only one opportunity to properly collect and preserve evidence at crime scenes. EPS' patented technology allows you to set higher standards of evidence collection, preservation and personnel safety.

  • Collect and package evidence samples safely, quickly and efficiently.
  • Preserve and store evidence safely, quickly and indefinitely.
  • Protect your staff and facility from blood-borne pathogens caused by AIDS, hepatitis, TB, and noxious odors.
  • Provide proper security and storage for biological evidence immediately after collection and while waiting for trial or hearing.
  • Transport the evidence safely and securely to your destination.
  • Meet increasingly stringent state and federal requirements for evidence collection and storage.