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Mobile Evidence Preservation System (MEPS)

Mobile Evidence Preservation SystemProperly collect and preserve evidence starting at the crime scene. A 6' X 8' mobile trailer unit, MEPS is powered by a self-contained generator (or 110 V.A.C. power source) and attaches to a standard police vehicle with a trailer hitch.

MEPS gives you the ability to properly and safely collect, store and preserve forensic evidence right at the crime scene. Evidence samples are placed in FSI's durable collection bags and boxes developed to work with the system's preservation capabilities. The bags allow the maximum amount of moisture to be drawn out of the evidence samples. Once the evidence is secured, the cooling and drying process begins to preserve the evidence immediately, halting bacterial damage.

MEPS' patented system allows you to set higher standards for evidence collection and preservation.

  • MEPS reduces bacterial degradation by providing separate cool/dry storage compartments for biological, hair, fiber, and trace evidence.
  • MEPS HEPA filters eliminate contamination from compartment to compartment, and item to item.
  • MEPS' controlled HVAC/HEPA filtration system (99.97 percent efficiency) eliminates the loss and degradation of evidence.
  • MEPS allows for the storage and transport of evidence from crime scene and hospital to Police Department; and from Police Department to court and forensic laboratory.
  • MEPS minimizes contamination that occurs from handling evidence too many times;
  • MEPS helps you meet OSHA and other state and federal health standards by immediately reducing staff exposure to blood-borne pathogens and infectious diseases.
  • MEPS transports evidence safely to your destination.
  • MEPS stores evidence within the unit indefinitely.
  • MEPS/EPS provides long-term storage for biological evidence from criminal cases with no statute of limitations.
  • MEPS heavy-duty, insulated, stainless steel construction provides high security and weather-proofed storage.