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How the Evidence Preservation System Works

Performance and Design Features
Patented EPS Design

Patented EPS Design

Unlike traditional products, EPS technology addresses and virtually eliminates all of the factors associated with evidence degradation. EPS:

  • Regulates Humidity and Temperature. SEPS and MEPS are equipped with HVAC environmental controls that regulate temperature and humidity at the most efficient levels for evidence preservation.
  • Filters Input Air. HEPA filtration on input air prevents contaminants from entering the chamber.
  • Filters Output Air. HEPA filtration on exhaust air ensures no contaminants or pathogens escape the compartment to expose personnel to noxious odors or blood-borne pathogens.
  • Prevents Evidence Contamination and Loss. HEPA filters, used in conjunction with FSI evidence collection bags and boxes, prevent cross contamination or loss of evidence.
  • Provides Protection against UV Rays. Dark evidence compartments prohibit ultraviolet degradation of DNA material caused by natural sunlight. Bacterial degradation and UV light will destroy DNA within two weeks.