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Stationary  Evidence Preservation System (SEPS)

Stationary Evidence Preservation SystemSEPS can be permanently positioned at a police administrative building, a forensics laboratory or any other facility requiring short- or long-term storage of biological evidence.

An 8' X 20' insulated, stainless steel chamber, SEPS is equipped with two separate 8' X 10' storage compartments. Evidence is safely and securely stored in FSI evidence collection bags and boxes. The evidence bags are highly durable and are equipped with tabs, which allow you to hang the bags from the shelves or store them in the boxes. Designed to be interchangeable, the evidence boxes can be easily transferred from the mobile to the stationary unit without compromising the integrity of your evidence samples.

The size of this unit can be customized to meet your particular space requirements. SEPS:

  • SEPS provides safe and secure storage of evidence, including DNA databank samples, away from administrative office areas.
  • SEPS eliminates the problem of forensic evidence storage space for the backlog of biological evidence waiting for DNA analysis.
  • SEPS provides safe and secure storage of biological evidence after collection and preserves evidence until scheduled trial or hearing dates.
  • SEPS protects staff and facilities from the biological hazards and noxious odors of biological evidence.
  • SEPS provides long-term storage for biological evidence from criminal cases with no statute of limitations.
  • SEPS frees valuable space inside your administrative building.